Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Garden by Albert Joseph Moore

1869 Oil on Canvas, Tate Gallery, London

Update: For more information about this painting and a high resolution image, visit A Garden by Albert Moore on the Google Art Project.

This has been an exciting week. The Waichulis Studio may be doing an instructional DVD. There's still a lot of preliminary research to do but it looks promising. I will keep you posted with any updates on our new project.

Today, there was finally a break in the weather and it's starting to warm up. I'm really enjoying going through nursery catalogs, envisioning our new backyard with spring flowers.


  1. Very cool news! I want the scoop.

  2. Hey Adam- We are well underway on the Waichulis Studio Drawing Clinic. We have a huge amount of interest so I have to make sure it is awesome. I will keep you posted!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the comments! We've been putting together the first video clips. It's a lot of work so far but it's coming out really nice.