Sunday, November 29, 2009

November in Normandy by Donald Jurney

Oil on canvas, 36x54 inches

I hope that those who celebrated Thanksgiving really enjoyed it. We had a wonderful holiday.

Above is a painting by Donald Jurney, a contemporary American landscape artist. I came across his work through The Hidden Place blog. I would love to find some larger images of his paintings online and see his work in person. You can see more examples of his work on Donald Jurney's website.

A podcast of Anthony's radio interview about his work and our Capturing Realism show is now available. Click the following link to listen to the WVIA Art Scene interview.


  1. Hey i am doing a art report on him.......just thought that was kinda cool.

  2. Definitely a good subject to write about. His paintings are very interesting.

  3. Dear Leah---Thanks for your kind words. I've finally got to Facebook, at .Perhaps your readers might like to know up two upcoming workshops:
    Thanks, Donald

  4. Your welcome Donald- your work is wonderful! Thanks for the information!