Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday and First Art Library Post

New Home Birthday Cake

This weekend I celebrated my 32nd birthday. I had a wonderful time and I'm looking forward to the upcoming year. I'm so grateful for my friends and family! Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes!

One of my birthday gifts was a new book for the art library. This is a project I've wanted to organize for a long time and I'm excited to have finally started. The new book is Pictorial Webster's A Visual Dictionary of Curiosities. This book features pages of small engravings from the 19th century that were featured in Webster's Dictionaries.

Here are some of my favorite wood block and metal engravings from the book:

Redwing Blackbird and Pomegranate

And some aquatic illustrations:

Harp Shell, Caribe, and Finback


  1. What a great post Leah! Again, Happy Birthday! I hope this year ahead is your happiest ever!