Sunday, April 10, 2011

September by Brian O'Neill

Pastel on Paper, 16×12 inches

Here is a beautiful pastel painting by our friend and colleague, Brian O'Neill. This work has recently won second place in the 12th Annual Pastel 100 Competition. You can see his work along with the other winners in the April issue of the Pastel Journal. More of the winning works can also be viewed online on the Pastel Journal website.


  1. Leah, nice art work on your last two posts. Yeah... I'm done with winter, even here in Southern California it has been freezing.

    So I look to the warm golden colors of these two spring paintings.
    I know the Brian O'Neill is titled 'September' but your timing says spring.

    Buuurrrr not much longer!

  2. Thanks, David. I'm done with winter too!

    I love Brian's pastel drawing- the colors and feeling remind me of spring too.